Raising awareness & lobbying for safer wireless technology

Stephanie Honeychurch – Chair
Stephanie became aware of the health effects associated with wireless technology in 2008 when unwanted cellphone towers were proposed for her neighbourhood. After reading the heartfelt appeal of a thousand doctors, (the Freiburger Appeal) and knowing that these medical professionals had no reason to lie, Stephanie researched this subject extensively and communicated with a number of medical experts around the world.

Having come to this issue through self-concern, she finds herself unable to leave it, out of fear of the potentially catastrophic harm of subjecting populations to increasing (and accumulating) levels of a Category 2B carcinogen.

Toa Greening – Deputy
Toa is a tertiary qualified Information Engineer with over twenty year’s New Zealand ICT industry experience. He has completed professional qualifications with Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, Novell and Hewlett Packard.

He is currently the technical spokesperson for the SWTNZ on radio-frequency electromagnetic fields and a past professional member of The Bioelectromagnetics Society.

Stuart Reuben – SWTNZ Scientific Advisor
Dr Stuart Reuben is a retired medical cardiologist & an internationally recognized medical scientist who has a Ph.D. from Oxford University. He has been published in many overseas journals as well as making presentations throughout Europe & North America.

He has made an extensive survey of the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) on human physiology & cell biology leading to the conclusion that long-term, adverse health effects are a reality.

International Scientific Advisors

  • Doctor Magda Havas, (Canada)
  • Professor Olle Johansson, (Sweden)