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Weymouth residents have vowed to continue their fight against a cellphone tower in their community.

Work on the tower began on Monday after cellphone company 2degrees spent a month reviewing its decision to site it on the corner of Blanes and Weymouth roads in Manurewa.

Residents were told at the end of June construction of the tower would begin on July 16 but public outcry saw 2degrees agree to look at its placement.

After investigating alternative sites suggested at a meeting with residents, the company decided it would proceed with the original site.

A letter telling residents of the decision was circulated last Thursday.

The tower is just metres away from the home of Brigid McCaffery who says she is appalled it has been allowed to go ahead after all the opposition it faced.

More than 300 people had signed a petition urging 2degrees to move the tower away from Weymouth homes, preschools and the primary school, she says.

“We had backing from the Manurewa Community Board and local MPs.”

She has set up billboards outside her house in front of the new tower site in protest.

Manurewa Local Board environment portfolio leader Toa Greening says residents should continue to oppose the tower’s placement.

He says he rejects the company’s technical reasons for the placement. He says more appropriate sites are available but believes they have been rejected because of higher cost factors.

Source url: http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/manukau-courier/7531986/Cell-tower-protest-continues