Raising awareness & lobbying for safer wireless technology
  • Myth 1

The public are advised not to be concerned and that Cell Phone Towers produce less output power than a 25W light bulb. However the reality is that all three panels can output up to 300W or the equivalent of 1500 Cell Phones. A home which is 30 – 40 metres away can expect the amount of microwave radiation in parts of the house equivalent to standing between 0 and 1.5m away from a microwave oven.

  • Myth 2

The public are advised that “all is fine as we have lived in the age of AM/FM/VHF/Satellite transmissions without issues”. However the reality is that those closest to these towers will receive radiation that is 1 million times stronger (uW/cm2 not pW/cm2) than those transmissions.

  • Myth 3

The public are advised that our standards are robust as they are based upon the World Health Organisation standards. However they do not know that WHO standards are derived from a private organisation called ICNIRP (International commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) which has a clear lack of accountability and transparency and also industry influence that cannot be ruled out.

  • Myth 4

The public are advised that the large body of international studies show no effects. Yet there are hundreds of international studies showing biological effects from microwave radiation.

  • Myth 5

The public are told that the Cell Phone Towers need to be in residential areas and opposite schools to provide greater coverage. Yet Cell Phone Towers can transmit up to 30km in marine areas. Each Cell Phone Tower the NES investigated had alternative areas where it could be sited away from residences. It seems that cost was the main driver for placing it in a particular location. 

  • Myth 6

The public are advised of all the benefits of the new technologies, data transfer, phone based applications, wider coverage. Yet the rush to market has introduced issues with our telecommunications infrastructure that has never been experienced before.

  • Myth 7

The public are advised that house prices are unaffected. One of the largest and most comprehensive studies on this was performed in Christchurch and this clearly showed price reductions of up to 15% post installation.

  • Myth 8

The public are advised that those who oppose Cell Phone Towers are misinformed tinfoil hat brigade conspiracy nutters, political activists and scare mongerers. Such political spin is losing its hold on public opinion as many physicians, scientists, engineers, lawyers, teachers, accountants, executives and academics are voicing  concern for the health and wellbeing  not only of themselves, but their children, grandchildren, colleagues and the wider community.