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Cell Phone Tower Proximity Impacts on House Prices:A New Zealand Case StudyThis paper outlines the results of further research to show the effect that distance to a CPBS has on residential property prices in New Zealand (NZ). It follows on from two earlier parallel studies carried out in 2003 (see Bond and Wang, 2005). The first of the earlier studies examined residents’ perceptions toward living near CPBSs while the second study analyzed actual property sales evidence using multiple regression analysis in a hedonic pricing framework.

The results indicate that property prices decrease by around 15% after a CPBS is built. This effect generally reduces with distance from the CPBS and is almost negilgible after about 300 meters.

(Download the NZ-GISPaperMay2006Final for full study)


Locally Unwanted Land Use


Locally unwanted land use is a planning term. Another term for it is nuisance. The acronym is “L.U.L.U.”

It functions as a generic term for land uses which are detrimental for neighbouring land. It is a social necessity to site “LULUs” in general, but no community wants to provide land for them. “LULUs” can include power plants, dumps, prisons, or psychiatric hospitals. Planning seeks to distribute and reduce the harm of “LULUs” by zoning. Thus, property values are protected, and sites can be found where the usage is rather neutral to land value.