Raising awareness & lobbying for safer wireless technology

Safer Wireless Technology NZ (SWTNZ) aims to:

  • Reduce the health risks associated with exposure to wireless technology by lobbying the New Zealand Government to replace the out-dated NZ standard 2772:1 with more precautionary standard limits such as those recommended in the ‘BioInitiative Report 2012’.
  • Lobby for Cell Phone Towers to be placed at a safe distance away from homes, hospitals and schools and for the telecommunications industry to reduce the number of towers overall in NZ. Regular monitoring of emissions also needs to be made mandatory and reports made transparent to the public.
  • Place Cell Phone Towers at a safe distance away from homes and schools
  • Raise public awareness regarding the risks to health from exposure to wireless devices such as cell phones, cordless (DECT) phones, baby monitors, smart meters and Wi-Fi routers etc

 Since 1999 government legislation has given the Telecommunications industry the right to place Cell Phone Towers in front of our homes and schools without public notification. Our exposure standards to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (NZS 2772:1) 1999 are now 16 years old and obsolete in light of current scientific evidence-based research demonstrating adverse biological effects from the pulsed microwave radiation emissions cell towers and other wireless device produce.

 This risk was acknowledged by the World Health Organisation who took the step in 2011 to review the body of scientific literature available and to classify radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) as a class 2B (possible) carcinogen.

 To date this landmark classification has been ignored by our governmental authorities who maintain the standards set by the International Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection. Other Governments around the world such as Russia, China, Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan and France have adopted safer RF-EMR legislation and standards.

 SWTNZ networks regularly, both nationally and internationally, with scientists, engineers and lawyers specialised in RF-EMR safety standards, all of whom agree that our RF-EMR safety standards do not protect the public’s health.

 We ask that the New Zealand Government reviews the New Zealand Standard for Radiofrequency Fields (NZS 2772:1 1999) in accord with that recommended by the BioInitiative Report, 2012.

 Your support is needed to bring about this change.

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